Santa Rosa HR Consultant Susan Daniel Asks Employers, “Which HR Challenges Do You Face Today?”

Have employees? Chances are you’re dealing with one or more of the following situations:

  • Selecting the right candidate–minimizing costly turnover
  • Managing difficult employees
  • Avoiding bad personnel decisions
  • Dealing with sexual harassment or employment discrimination complaints
  • Managing human resources with limited staff or budget

If you are an employer and answered yes to any of the above, you need the qualified advice of an HR consultant.

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Maximize Performance, Minimize Liability.

Taking the wrong action can hurt morale and disrupt productivity. Worse, it can expose you to costly legal actions where nobody wins.

If you are looking for an HR consultant and advisor, we can guide you through the maze with cost-effective solutions that help you avoid litigation and focus on your core business.

Not only do we help prevent unwanted legal exposure, but you also win with a more sustainable workplace culture that improves morale and productivity.

Meet HR Consultant Susan Daniel

ERC principal consultant Susan Daniel is a North Bay Human Resource advisor with over 30 years experience as an employment attorney and HR executive. She currently teaches employment law at Empire Law School in Santa Rosa, CA.

She also served as VP of HR at Informix Software and VP of HR Operations at Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), and was lead Employment Counsel for Bank of America.

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Providing workplace audits in Santa Rosa and North Bay

Workplace Audits

A workplace audit, which examines all of your HR practices, provides you with a roadmap for correcting any issues before they become a “federal or state” case and also explains what laws become applicable as you grow your business.

Santa Rosa HR Consultant Helps with Workplace Audits

Providing workplace investigations in Santa Rosa and North Bay.Workplace Investigations

When properly conducted, a workplace investigation can diffuse a tense situation, negate litigation or provide specific information in preparation for litigation. But an untrained investigator can add ammunition in a lawsuit.

Workplace Investigation by North Bay HR Consultant

Santa Rosa HR consultant helps companies develop policies and procedures.

Policies and Procedures

A well-written Employee Handbook consistently communicates your policies and procedures as well as the philosophy of the company to management and employees. And, it can protect you from employee complaints.

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We provide conflict resolution services in Santa Rosa and the North Bay region.


Successful conflict resolution early on helps your company avoid substantial losses in turnover, litigation fees and damages, absenteeism, costs of workers’ compensation and loss of productivity.

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