HR Advice for Companies: A Phone Call Away


Have you wondered how to deal with employee complaints?

Do you frequently question whether an employment action you want to take is permissible?

Do you want to have someone with 30 years expertise “a phone call away” to help you deal with issues?

Advice to Keep You Legally Viable

Frequently small to medium-sized companies cannot afford to have a dedicated Human Resource person. As a result, they frequently make inadvertent mistakes caused–not by their intent to break the law–but because they do not realize that they are violating a law or regulation.

These mistakes can result in discrimination charges, lawsuits and lengthy disruption for the business. In fact, they can sometimes wreck a business.

Susan Daniel has over 30 years of experience as an employment attorney and Human Resource executive. She was head employment counsel at Bank of America. She has counseled small and large-sized companies in all aspects of dealing with employees as well as holding Human Resources executive positions in Silicon Valley companies.

Susan can provide her services to small or mid-sized companies on a cost-efficient basis for the company. These services can be either on a fee-for-service or retainer basis. Don’t gamble with your company’s future–get expert advice.

Learn how an ongoing, advisory relationship with Employee Relations Consultants works.

Client Comments about Advisory Services

“I have had the pleasure of benefiting from Susan Daniel’s role as a trusted adviser and HR professional. Startup companies generally do not have the luxury of having a full-time HR professional on staff but ,at the same time, require expert help where speed of decision-making is a competitive advantage.  

Susan worked with me at iPolicy Networks where she was the go to outsourced HR professional dealing with recruiting, HR policies and procedures, immigration, management training and most importantly strategic HR matters.  

Her knowledge of employment law combined with her experience with the softer side of HR issues was extremely valuable as we navigated through the challenges all startups face. I have high regard for Susan and anyone looking for an expert outsourced HR professional will receive a very positive endorsement for Susan from me.”
–Hitesh Shah, Former CFO, iPolicy Networks