Services Offered by Employee Relations Consultants

Workplace Audits

Inadvertent violations of the law can cost your company thousands of dollars. A workplace audit can ensure that you meet regulatory requirements and protect your company’s bottom line. Learn about our workplace audit services

Workplace Investigations

How you handle an employee complaint of discrimination, sexual harassment or hostile work environment is serious business for your business. The outcome can be costly. Learn about our workplace investigation services

Conflict Resolution

Are your employees frequently at odds with one another? Is productivity falling? Conflicts in the workplace can negatively impact a wide range of factors, from morale to productivity–even safety. Learn about our conflict resolution services

Customized Training

Managers frequently make costly mistakes because they don’t know what to look for. You can help your managers make better decisions by training them in “Managing Within the Law.” Get details on customized training

Policies and Procedures

Do you explain your company philosophy and the “rules of the road” to your employees? Do you give your employees notice of what you expect? Learn the importance of an Employee Handbook. Read about policies and procedures and employee handbooks

HR Advisory Services

You can pick up the phone and, for a reasonable fee, know that your “people questions” will be answered practically and expertly. Learn about the benefits of having an outsourced HR executive on call. Learn more about HR advisory services


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