Conflict Resolution: Restoring Workplace Productivity

Conflict resolution Sonoma County

Are conflicts “poisoning” your workplace?

Do your employees spend more time arguing and not enough time being productive?

Is your turnover too high?

The Impact of Workplace Conflicts

Workplace conflicts can be one of the most damaging influences on productivity and morale. Left unaddressed, these disputes sap employee energy and morale and frequently cause unwanted turnover, demoralization, absenteeism, legal fees, workers’ compensation costs and many other hidden costs.

Employee Relations Consultants works with conflict situations at all levels. We can work directly with your employees to defuse a difficult situation. Or, in collaboration with an experienced clinical psychotherapist, we use our expertise in human resources, law and human development to implement situation-specific approaches to resolving issues.

These approaches, built on establishing a relationship of trust with the parties, may include:

  • Assessing the problem – both historically and in its current presentation
  • Interviewing the key parties
  • Coaching managers on how to have difficult conversations and deal with difficult people
  • Emotional Intelligence Assessments as indicated
  • Training groups to rebuild trust and communication
  • Training groups on conflict avoidance
  • Individual coaching, if needed.

Also, we can train your managers to identify and react appropriately to conflict situations. Managers  often do not deal with conflicts until they become major issues because they are afraid to confront problems and believe they will stir up more concerns.

These conflicts then expand and often cause major “blow-ups.” We have developed exciting, experiential courses to teach managers how to deal with conflict at the earliest possible time.

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The Benefit of Early Resolution

Dealing early with conflicts can save your company thousands, even hundreds of thousands, of dollars.

The benefits come as you reduce turnover, litigation fees and damages, absenteeism, workers’ compensation costs and loss of productivity.

Training your managers to deal with these issues is a true money-saving solution.

But it takes an awareness of the problem and a commitment to solving it. Call Employee Relations Consultants for an assessment of your specific needs and recommended solution.